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A model JSONField with an integrated form for django.
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A model JSONField with an integrated form for django.

Before doing this app we looked up for a JSONField implementation, but all that we have found had nothing that fit our needs. Our needs are just a model field to store a json string and a form that is able to validate user input against our json fields requirements.


Just copy this project to any folder in your computer or use pip.

pip install vlk-django-jsonfield



To create your JSONField just use the same notation as an usual model field:

jsonfield = VLKJSONField(null=True, default=lambda: {'field1': False, 'field2': 'abc'})

[You must use lambda when using a dict as default] (


To use this field in a form just use the form field with the same name of your model field and the subname separated by __:

jsonfield__field1 = forms.CharField()
jsonfield__field2 = forms.IntegerField(required=False)

The right side is the usual of a form field.

Who is using

This project is used in Vialink software since January, 2013. Are you using it? Let us know :)


Do the usual github fork and pull request dance.



Released under the MIT license. Read for more information.

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