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These are the modified AspectJ sourcres for perscope implementation.

About Perscope

An aspect encapsulates not only crosscutting behavior, but also crosscutting state. When aspects are stateful, there is a need to specify and control their instantiation. Unfortunately, aspect instantiation is a hard-wired feature in ASPECTJ. This feature cannot be customized by the application programmer. Specifically, there are six predefined instantiation strategies to chose from, each designated by a keyword: issingleton, perthis, pertarget, percflow, percflowbelow, pertypewithin. In this work, we introduce a new language keyword perscope and a mechanism that lets third-parties define custom aspect instantiation strategies. This new keyword replaces the six existing keywords in ASPECTJ, and reduces the need for introducing future ones. The perscope mechanism developed by Victor Trakhtenberg in cooperation with David H. Lorenz at the Open University of Israel.

The accepted version for Software Composition 2011 can be found here:

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