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SMemcached is a port of Brad Fitzpatrick's "memcached" distributed memory 
object caching system from C to Scala

SMemcached unlike memcached is optimized for varied cache sizes . Data of 
varied sizes is more efficiently cached which translates to less memory
waste. Scalability and performance is offered by the JVM's garbage collector 
and async IO via NIO.


SMemcached is:

- fast

  It runs on the JVM so it can take advantage of the hard work people have
  put into java performance.
- small

  Currently about 800 lines of scala code, including comments, because it relies
  on Apache Mina and Ehcache.

- memory efficient

  Memcached's slab allocator stores data in fixed sized buckets for cpu optimization at the cost 
  of memory. This leads to excessive memory consumption when the data is varied in size. SMemcached 
  avoids this scenario by storing the data efficiently using the JVM's Ehcache/HashMap cache at the 
  cost of some CPU overhead.

SMemcached has:
- no limitations

  Since SMemcached stores memory efficiently there is no point in having a 1MB cache store size limit. 
- no external runtime dependencies
  The JAR that is provided will run on any java 5 JVM as-is. Just deploy and run, all dependencies
  are included in a single JAR file.

SMemcached requires java 5 and ant 1.7.

Building from source is easy:

    $ ant jar
Scala libraries and dependencies are included.

Running SMemcached is also simple:

    $ java -jar target/smemcached.jar -h



Victor Igumnov <>