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All you need to DEVELOP HARDER!
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All you need to DEVELOP HARDER!


git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
  • Modify the gitconfig so that you don't use my name ;)
  • Install iTerm2
  • Install Solarized for iTerm2
  • Recommended: remap Capslock to Escape with Seil

What you get

  • awesome shell aliases
  • blazingly fast git workflow
  • sweet vim setup
  • and much more!


  • Explicit aliases! They expand automatically when you use them.
  • Mandatory aliases: so you don't forget to use them. Mandatory Aliases


  • Space is the leader!
  • <Space>f opens a file tree
  • <Space>d opensa a fuzzy file finder
  • Ctrl with hjkl moves from split to split
  • vv opens a vertical split
  • ss opens a horizontal one
  • Q closes a split
  • <Space>g opens a grep of the word under the cursor


  • pry! for require 'pry'; binding.pry
  • spec! for require 'spec_helper'


Super fast aliases (see git/aliases)

  • c my-branch to checkout
  • l to pull
  • gc "my commit message" to add all and commit
  • p to push
  • prm to open a pull request towards the master branch
  • prs to see all the pull requests in the current repo


  • If you want to add a machine-specific zsh config, you can do so by adding a zshrc file in the local/ directory. local/zshrc will be loaded after zsh/zshrc.
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