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The source code reference for the Newsstand Tutorial in my blog
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Newsstand Tutorial README

This is the reference source code for the two parts tutorial published in my blog: 
[Newsstand Tutorial](

This code to be successfully run requires some extra work:

- a iOS developer account is needed as Push Notifications and In App Purchase don't work on the simulator
- all the iTunesConnect and iOS Developer Portal setup stuff is needed (create bundle ID, create provisioning profiles, configure for push notifications,
  add In App Purchases)
- as it uses Urban Airship (UA) for push notifications, the Airship SDK must be downloaded and installed at the same level
  of this project (so if you install this project in Github/NewsstandTutorial you should also add Github/Airship)
- in order to use UA you must sign up with a developer account, create your application, provide the APNS keys
- if you are not interested in the push notifications stuff you can simply remove the lines in the code and references to UA
- if you are not interested in the In App Purchase features you can run the application in the simulator
- if you run the application in the simulator you will be able to see the basic Newsstand features

My suggestion is that you don't use this code to run the example but only as reference for your own applications.
Besides take care that this code is for a tutorial only, so it is not optmizied for memory management and many coding shortcuts
that are good for a tutorial should be better planned for a real app.


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