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Helm plugin for using GCS as a private chart repository
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Helm plugin for using Google Cloud Storage as a private chart repository.



  1. Ensure the Google Cloud SDK is installed. This plugin depends on gsutil.

  2. Authenticate the Google Cloud SDK.

    $ gcloud auth login
  3. Install the Helm plugin

    $ helm plugin install --version v0.2.0


  1. Create a new Cloud Storage bucket:

    $ export PROJECT=$(gcloud info --format='value(config.project)') 
    $ gsutil mb gs://$PROJECT-helm-repo
  2. Initialize an existing Cloud Storage Bucket to be a Helm repo:

    $ helm gcs init gs://$PROJECT-helm-repo
  3. Create a test chart and package it:

    $ helm create test-chart
    $ helm package test-chart
  4. Upload the chart to your repository:

    $ helm gcs push test-chart-0.1.0.tgz gs://$PROJECT-helm-repo
  5. Add your Cloud Storage repo into your local Helm client:

    $ helm repo add gcs-repo gs://$PROJECT-helm-repo
  6. List the charts in your newly added repo:

    $ helm search gcs-repo
    NAME               	VERSION	DESCRIPTION                
    gcs-repo/test-chart	0.1.0  	A Helm chart for Kubernetes
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