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# RailsWizard Gem
-This is the official gem collection of recipes for [RailsWizard][1], the
-online Rails template generator. Previously stored in MongoDB, the
-recipes now live in a GitHub repository to make them fork-friendly. You
-can see all of the recipes in the [recipes directory][2].
+The RailsWizard gem is both the official repository of recipes for
+[RailsWizard][1] as well as a stand-alone tool to generate rails
+templates from the command line. The website and the gem are kept in
+version sync, so any recipes released to the gem will be simultaneously
+available on the web builder.
+## Installation
+Installation is simple:
+ gem install rails_wizard
+## Usage
+The primary usage of the `rails_wizard` gem is to utilize its
+interactive terminal command to build a Rails template. To get started,
+you can simply run the command thusly:
+ rails_wizard new APP_NAME
+Where `APP_NAME` is the directory in which you wish to create the app
+(it mirrors the Rails creation syntax). You will then be guided through
+the recipe selection process and subsequently the Rails app generator
+will automatically run with the template and all appropriate command
+line options included.
+### Specifying Recipes
+If you wish to skip the interactive recipe selector, you may provide
+instead a list of recipes with the `-r` option:
+ rails_wizard new APP_NAME -r jquery mongo_mapper sass
+This will automatically generate a Rails template with the provided
+recipes and begin the app generator.
+### Listing Recipes
+You can also print out a simple list of recipes:
+ rails_wizard list
+Or print out a list of recipes for a specific category:
+ rails_wizard list persistence
+# RailsWizard Recipes
+Previously stored in MongoDB, the RailsWizard recipe collection
+now live in this GitHub repository to make them fork-friendly and
+available for use with the command-line tool. You can see all of
+the recipes in the [recipes directory][2].
If you're looking for the web app source code, it now lives at
## Submitting a Recipe
@@ -35,6 +83,9 @@ as a basic sanity check before submitting a pull request. Note that
these don't verify that your recipe code itself works, just that
RailsWizard could properly parse and understand your recipe file.
+For more information on all available options for authoring recipes,
+please see the
## License
RailsWizard and its recipes are distributed under the MIT License.

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