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Randomized Lunch Selector. Application code structure is based off of yeoman's generator-angular-fullstack.


Development Startup

Install Dependencies
  • Install node modules. npm install
  • Install postgres. brew install postgres
  • Install sequelize-cli. 'npm install -g sequelize-cli'
Bootstrap Processes
  • postgres

    1. CREATE DATABASE lunchadores_dev;
    2. CREATE DATABASE lunchadores_test;
    3. CREATE ROLE lunchadores_user WITH PASSWORD 'foodie' LOGIN;
    4. GRANT ALL ON DATABASE lunchadores_dev TO lunchadores_user;
    5. GRANT ALL ON DATABASE lunchadores_test TO lunchadores_user;
  • Move to the root of the repo and migrate your database. 'sequelize db:migrate'.

  • grunt serve

  • go to http://localhost:9000

Production Deployment

  • run test suite. grunt test.
  • confirm all your changes with grunt serve:dist. This will use production versions of everything including a non-seeded database.
  • commit your updates. git commit
  • push to github. git push origin master
  • push to heroku. grunt buildcontrol:heroku
  • migrate production if needed. heroku run sequelize db:migrate
  • verify changes are in place on production
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