Canvas image resize/resample using Hermite filter with JavaScript.
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Fast canvas image resize/resample using Hermite filter with JavaScript. Supports transparency, gives good quality. Library was created for canvas manipulation, but it also can resize HTML images.

Uses web workers with transferable objects. Also single core version is supported.

Install with NPM:

npm install

Usage with NPM:

import Hermite_class from 'hermite-resize';
var HERMITE = new Hermite_class();


<script src="../dist/hermite.js"></script>
var HERMITE = new Hermite_class();
//default resize
HERMITE.resample(canvas, width, height);
//more options
HERMITE.resample(canvas, width, height, true, finish_handler); //true=resize canvas
//single core
HERMITE.resample_single(canvas, width, height);

//resize image to 300x100
HERMITE.resize_image('image_id', 300, 100);
//resize image to 50%
HERMITE.resize_image('image_id', null, null, 50);

Version 1.0

Single core version - stable. Multi core version - experimental.

Build instructions