Erlang omnicomplete plugin for Vim
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hcs42 (#24) Fix filename:find_src deprecation warning
The filename:find_src/1 function is deprecated but the
filelib:find_source function has a different interface and was
introduced only in Erlang 20, so as long as filename:find_src/1 is
present in the newest Erlang version, it is easier to use it.
Latest commit 166a090 Sep 17, 2018


vim-erlang-omnicomplete is an Erlang autocompletion plugin for Vim.


With pathogen.vim:

  • cd ~/.vim/bundle and clone this repository.

  • Generate help page:



  • Clone this repository.

  • Add the following line to your .vimrc (replace the path with your own):

      :set runtimepath^=/path/to/vim-erlang-omnicomplete
  • Restart Vim (or execute the command above).

  • Generate help page:

      :helptags /path/to/vim-erlang-omnicomplete/doc