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Multi-line argument list indentation broken (regression) #139

ngollan opened this Issue · 3 comments

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With commit 9d16028 multi-line argument lists outside parentheses do not indent correctly if preceded by a line with a symbol argument:

class A
  # next line is what breaks things
  thing :foo
  thing 'a',

  # now with a non-symbol argument
  thing 'foo'
  thing 'a',


Reverting the commit fixes things.


I've reverted the commit and pushed to master. Could you confirm that it's currently okay?


Seems to help for my testcase… I'll close this in the hope that nothing depended on the original change ;-)

Thanks for your fast response.

@ngollan ngollan closed this

Issue #132 depends on it, so I've reopened that one -- I'll have to figure out a better solution. Thanks for being a good Internet citizen and reporting :).

@jtmkrueger jtmkrueger referenced this issue from a commit in jtmkrueger/vim-ruby
@AndrewRadev AndrewRadev Fix continuation issue again
A spec was implemented for vim-ruby#139.

The issue this commit fixes is: vim-ruby#132.

By adding the `Symbol` group to the "string or syntax" pattern, some
continuations are fixed. It should not be added to the "string" pattern,
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