Auto closes pairs of characters
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This is a mirror of

Autocloses pairs of chararacters as seen in TextMate or Scribes.

I couldn't find a script that worked as I liked, so here's my very simple attempt :)

Pairs are (), [], {}, '', ""


1) in INSERT mode, typing the closing character let the cursor "escape" the pair 

e.g.: (cursor represented with a pipe, on the left what you type, on the right what you get)
" -> "|"
some text -> "some text|"
" -> "some text"|

* useful when typing an open/close bracket pair as in foo()

* works with already existing text
(move cursor) -> "this is a string|"
" -> "this is a string"|

2) "atomic" deletion of a pair
()|<bs> -> |
(|)<bs> -> |
* won't work with <del> (use <del> when you don't want the closing bracket/quote)

3) experimental support for visual mode

select abc 
type <leader>" -> "abc"

tested with vim 7; might work with earlier versions, though
hope you'll like it, let me know!
you can comment here:

UPDATE: since you made me notice, here's the other scripts dealing with the same problem

* vimscript #1849 - AutoClose by Karl Guertin
* vimscript #2009 - AutoClose by Thiago Alvares

they all differs for little, the first is a bit simpler; the latter is probably the most configurable.

Pick your favorite :)