Detect and highlight SCM conflict markers.
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This is a mirror of

This plugin detects and highlights conflict markers such as <<<<<<<, =======,
and >>>>>>>, which are inserted by source code management systems on merges to
indicate that the automatic resolution failed; this plugin helps you with
becoming aware of and finding them.

To quickly locate and resolve the conflicts, you can use the motions and text
objects provided by the companion ConflictMotions.vim plugin (vimscript

The plugin automatically adds syntax definitions for the conflict markers and
the conflicted lines which are enclosed in the markers. Lines originating from
"our" version are highlighted in a different way than lines from "their"
version, so it's easier for you to visually differentiate the alternatives and
make the right editing choices to resolve the conflict. The "base" version of
the diff3-style syntax is supported, too.

:ConflictSyntax [{syntax}]
                        Remove / change the syntax (to {syntax}) while keeping
                        the conflict syntax definitions (:setl syntax=...
                        would remove them as well). Useful when the filetype's
                        own syntax interferes with the overlaid conflict
                        syntax definitions.

The plugin warns you when a buffer that contains conflict markers is edited or
saved. Cp. g:ConflictDetection_WarnEvents

The detections stores its status in the buffer variable b:conflicted. You can
evaluate this boolean variable in a custom statusline to indicate whether
the buffer contains conflicts.