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- Removed l9#tempvariables#swap()
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INTRODUCTION                                                 *l9-introduction*

l9 is a Vim-script library, which provides some utility functions and commands
for programming in Vim.

 INSTALLATION                                                *l9-installation*

Put all files into your runtime directory. If you have the zip file, extract
it to your runtime directory.

You should place the files as follows:
        <your runtime directory>/plugin/l9.vim
        <your runtime directory>/doc/l9.txt
If you are disgusted to make your runtime directory confused with a lot of
plugins, put each of the plugins into a directory individually and just add
the directory path to 'runtimepath'. It's easy to uninstall plugins.

Then update your help tags files to enable help for this plugin. See
|add-local-help| for details.

USAGE                                                               *l9-usage*

See source code.