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The PairTools plugin can be seen as a "bundle" of tools to handle various
"pair" operations. It also offers a flexible way to set pairs and options per
filetypes. Therefore, it is possible to have pairs and options set for editing 
C++ files while also editing XML files with other pairs and options inside the
same window.

The plugin is modular, i.e. related features are grouped inside a module, and 
other related features inside others groups. In the current version, there are 
three modules: pairclamp.vim, tagwrench.vim and jigsaw.vim.

The PairClamp module works with single characters pairs such as (,). The
TagWrench module works with angle brackets <,> and tags <tagname>. The Jigsaw
module coordinates some key maps between PairClamp and TagWrench, such as when
pressing backspace and calling the right hook function. The pairtools.vim file 
defines autocmds, mappings and options to make all the modules work.

See details at: