Extensible keyword swapper (turn yes to no, True to False and more)
Vim script


This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2294

swapit.vim is a vim plugin designed to make repetitive changes easier.

On a current word that is a member of a swap list use the
incrementor/decrementor keys (:he ctrl-a,ctrl-x). The script
will cycle through a list of related options.

A quick tty example is here http://ttyshare.com/rec/michael/76068689/

Swapit now offers omnicomplete based swapping on css files!
Css example plugging into omnicomplete http://ttyshare.com/rec/michael/76409608/

The repository is here http://github.com/mjbrownie/swapit/tree/master. Any list submissions would be appreciated. 

The idea is to compile a list of common property swaps for various languages/frameworks 

NOTE: This has been done before in a simpler vimscript#1676 script. This script differs in it's ability to handle phrase swapping eg 'int' to 'unsigned int'. It is also FileType aware.

eg. 1. Boolean


in normal mode, pressing ctrl-a on the t will make it


eg. 2. Multi Word Swaps.

Hello World! is a test multi word swap.

on 'Hello World!' go select in visual (vi'<ctrl-a>) to get

'GoodBye Cruel World!'

eg 3. Defining custom swaps

A custom list is defined as follows.

:SwapList datatypes bool char int float double

The first argument is the list name and following args
are members of the list.

if there is no match then the regular incrementor decrementor
function will work on numbers

At the bottom of the script I've added some generic stuff but

You can create a custom swap file for file types at

with custom execs eg.
exec "SwapList function_scope private protected public"

For this alpha version multi word swap list is a bit trickier
to to define. You can add to the swap list directly using
vimscript within a after/ftplugin/<ft>_swap.vim file

 call extend(g:swap_lists, [{'name':'Multi Word Example',
             \&#039options': ['swap with spaces',
             \&#039swap with  @#$@# chars in it' ,
             \&#039running out of ideas here...']}])

Future versions will make this cleaner with a :Command

Also if you have a spur of the moment Idea type
To get to the current filetypes swapit file

Note: This alpha version doesnt create the directory structure

To integrate with other incrementor scripts (such as
speeddating.vim vimscript #2120  or monday.vim vimscript #1046), 
:nmap <Plug>SwapItFallbackIncrement and <Plug>SwapItFallbackDecrement
to the keys that should be invoked when swapit doesn't have a
proper option. For example for speeddating.vim:

nmap <Plug>SwapItFallbackIncrement <Plug>SpeedDatingUp
nmap <Plug>SwapItFallbackDecrement <Plug>SpeedDatingDown