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Plugin for managing wordpress blog from Vim.
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This is a mirror of

VimRepress is a plugin for managing wordpress blog from Vim,  a rewritten  of vimscript #1953 , which is broken for years. 

Now VimRepress lives with more powerful again. 


- Vim 7.3+ with python 2.6/2.7 support 
- Python Environment matched wtih Vim's support 
- python-markdown/python-markdown2 installed 
- wordpress 3.0.0 +


Some commands list above contain special usage, example below may clearify them for you. 

    :BlogList             -  List 30 recent posts. 
    :BlogList page        -  List 30 recent pages. 
    :BlogList post 100    -  List 100 recent posts. 

    :BlogNew post         -  Write an new post. 
    :BlogNew page         -  Write an new page. 

    :BlogSave             -  Save (defautely published.) 
    :BlogSave draft       -  Save as draft. 

    :BlogPreview local    -  Preview page/post locally in your browser. 
    :BlogPreview publish  -  Same as `:BlogSave publish' with brower opened. 

    :BlogOpen 679 

More detailed about this commands, type :help vimpress while you have vimrepress installed. 

Developing Repository:
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