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Perl IDE -- Write and run Perl-scripts using menus and hotkeys.

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This is a mirror of

- insert various types of comments
- insert complete but empty statements (e.g. 'if {} else {}' )
- insert often used code snippets (e.g. declarations, the opening of files, .. )
- insert the names of file tests, character classes, special Perl-variables and POSIX-signals
- read, write, maintain your own code snippets in a separate   directory
- run scripts or run syntax check from within the editor
- show compilation erros in a quickfix window; navigate with hotkeys 
- read perldoc for functions and modules 
- run perltidy / run the profiler SmallProf
- test / explain regular expressions (needs Vim with Perl interface)

Here are some screen shots :

The help file online :

The key mappings of this plugin (PDF) :

The installation explained: article
"Make Vim as Your Perl-IDE Using perl-support Plugin"

This plugin comes with a help file (perlsupport.txt). Read it with   
  :h perlsupport 


Editing actions differ for different modes!  
There are  a lot of  features which can be configured or customized to match your needs.

Perl Support is on GitHub:

(Please help us keep track of all the issues and name your report/request "Perl-Support: <title>") 

You can subscribe to the vim-plugins-list mailing list to post your questions or
suggestions for improvement or to report bugs.  The list will also be used to
announce new releases ( c.vim / bash-support / perl-support / doxygen-support ).
Visit the following page for subscribing to the mailing list:

The vim-plugins-list list is very low on traffic.

Thank you for rating perl-support ! 
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