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Pylint-mode, PyLint in VIM

Pylint-mode is a vim mode that allows you to use the pylint library in vim to provide features like python code looking for bugs.

This vim plugin allow you use the pylint library in vim very easily. There is no need to install the pylint library on your system.


Just copy the plugin folders into your ~/.vim directory.

Alternatively, if you are using pathogen, clone the plugin into your bundle folder.


To change this settings, edit your ~/.vimrc file.

Open vim quickfix window if problems be find

let g:PyLintCWindow = 1

Place signs with errors

let g:PyLintSigns = 1

Run pylint on buffer write

let g:PyLintOnWrite = 1

Disable PyLint messages

let g:PyLintDissabledMessages = 'C0103,C0111,C0301,W0141,W0142,W0212,W0221,W0223,W0232,W0401,W0613,W0631,E1101,E1120,R0903,R0904,R0913'