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Use the repeat command (.) with supported plugins
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This is a mirror of

If you've ever tried using the "." command after a plugin map, you were likely disappointed to discover it only repeated the last native command inside that map, rather than the map as a whole.  That disappointment ends today.  Repeat.vim remaps "." in a way that plugins can tap into it.

Support is already present in the following plugins:

surround.vim (vimscript #1697)
speeddating.vim (vimscript #2120)
abolish.vim (vimscript #1545)
unimpaired.vim (vimscript #1590)
commentary.vim (vimscript #3695)

Adding support to a plugin is generally as simple as the following command at the end of your map functions.

  silent! call repeat#set("\<Plug>MyWonderfulMap",v:count)

Details are at the top of the file.  Let me know if you add support to a script on and I will link it here.
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