Send text from vim to a running tmux session
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This is a mirror of

Simple script which allow you to send portion of a buffer to a running tmux session.

Based on which use screen instead of tmux. 
_How to use this script:_ 
  - Considering you have a running Ruby/Python/Clojure/Whatever interpreter in    window 0 of a tmux session named 'my-session'. 

  - In vim, select a region in visual mode and press <C-c><C-c>. 

  - You will be prompt to enter the session name.  You can type the name of the session directly, in this case 'my-session', or you can press <tab> to  cycle through all the tmux sessions that are currently running. 

  - Next, you will be prompt for the window number, in this case 0. Like for session name, completion is available. 

  - When you'll press enter, the text you selected will be send to your  interpreter. 

Current limitation: 
    - The text will always be send to the first pane of the tmux window as tmux doesn't have a way to know which pane you want to paste to. This is only the case for version of tmux <= 1.2 and not for the version in the cvs.