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bootstrap.c is a template for simple projects written in C with autotools. It is however mostly an experiment. Can it be as useful as projects like HTML5 Boilerplate?

There is a more complete alternative if you want to get an embedded web server with exposed REST/WS/SSE endpoints as well as a client-side JS app.


You need cookiecutter, a tool to create projects from project templates. Once installed (in a virtualenv or just with pip install cookiecutter), you can use the following command:

cd your-project
git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"

Then, use the following command to get the first steps to get started:

git ls-tree -r --name-only HEAD | \
      xargs grep -nH "T[O]DO:" | \
      sed 's/\([^:]*:[^:]*\):\(.*\)T[O]DO:\(.*\)/\3 (\1)/' | \
      sort -ns | \
      awk '(last != $1) {print ""} {last=$1 ; print}'

Once you are done, your project is ready and you can compile it with and get a release tarball with:

mkdir build
cd build
make dist

Once you want to make a release, tag the tree with git tag 1.3, then run the previous commands from the top. You'll get a properly versioned tarball with a ChangeLog file if this is not your first version.