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task launcher which does not want to be an init program
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A more complete presentation can be found on this blog post.


lanco is a task launcher which does not want to be an init program.

  • No daemon.
  • Run each task in a dedicated cgroup.
  • Log the output of the task to a file.
  • Check if a task is still running.
  • Stop a task.
  • No need to be root.

Each task is given a name and enclosed into a cgroup. The cgroup is used to keep track of the task. If the cgroup still exists, the task is considered to be running. Stopping a task is equivalent to killing the tasks in the cgroup.


The usage is described in the lanco.8 manual page.


lanĉo means "launcher" in Esperanto. It should have been spelled "lancxo" without the diacritic but I have learned about it too late.

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