An Ansible inventory tool.
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An Ansible inventory tool.


Jetfire is a web based Flask application with a MongoDB backend to manage an Ansible inventory.

It is currently in early stage and lacks fearures and proper documentation. It currently has the following features:

  • add host with vars and add it to available groups

  • add groups with vars and available members

  • get host info (hostvars)

  • get group info (groupvars and members)

  • edit host vars and groups

  • edit groups vars and hosts

  • remove hosts and groups from the inventory


You’ll need a running MongoDB instance that you will use for your inventory. By default an "ansible" db is created (unless you configure a differend name in the config file) with currently following collections

  • hosts

  • groups

clone the repository and edit the config.cfg file in the app folder (specify mongodb server, port and database). Then run python to launch the application. Open a browser and point to http://<yourhost>:5000

The script is used as inventory script. It must be edited to point to the same MongoDB instance and database to function.

Required Python packages

  • pip install flask-paginate

API testing

curl http://<host>:<port>/api/v1.0/hosts -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d @host.json -X POST -v

API documention can be found here