A Sketch plugin to create element with the keyboards!
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A Sketch plugin that allow you to create every shape or text by using only the keyboard.

What is Shapr

Every designer loves how fast is working with Sketch to create UI. And if you, like me, love working using almost only the keyboard (you have memorized all the shortcut available, and maybe created some custom), you've notice that there's no way to create a shape without moving the hand from the keyboard to the mouse and back, than press Alt + Tab to highlight the X field and start fill the other properties.

From now, forget this workflow. By pressing Cmd + Alt + R it will open a modal to create a rectangle with the properties specified; same thing with the circle by pressing Cmd + Ctrl + O.

How it works

As described before, Shaper allow to create rectangles and circles. In order to do that use this shortcut:

  • Cmd + Alt + R: to create a rectangle
  • Cmd + Ctrl + O: to create a circle


  • Custom UI
  • Everything you suggest!


Shaper is available for Sketch 3 and up

  1. [Download the ZIP] (https://github.com/vincenzopetito/Shapr/archive/master.zip)
  2. Extract the file and open the Shaper.sketchplugin file


Shapr is released under the [MIT License] (https://github.com/vincenzopetito/Shapr/blob/master/License.md)


Shapr is created by Vincenzo Petito

Suggest feature

This plugin is made by a designer for designers, so if you want to requet a feature text me at vincenzo.petito90@gmail.com