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Scancode Manifestor

Creates package manifest from a Scancode report.


A manifest, as defined by us, for a software package contains information need for license compliance work. The manifest includes information about:

  • project information

    • name

    • version

    • sub package

    • home page

  • license declaraion

  • copyright holders

Creating the manifest

With Scancode you get a lot of information information about the scanned source code. In order to create a manifest from a Scancode report we need to:

  • curate identified licenses that are incorrect or missing

  • filter out files that are not distributed

Scancode Manifestor workflow


  • hide - when in filter mode, you can hide files from being outputed. These files are not excluded form the distributed file. This is useful when resolving problems (which you do in filter mode). If the file is not distributed, use exclude instead.

  • exclude - you typically mark a files as excluded when the files will not end up being distributed. If you just want to not see the file (in filter mode), use hide instead. You can use this in combination with include.

  • include - same as exclude but rather the opposite. This specifies which files actually are distributed. You can use this in combination with exclude.

  • scancode report - a report as produced by Scancode. Make sure to use (at least) the flags -clipe to Scancode.

  • manifest or conclusion report - a manifest contains information needed to verify license compliance. See above for what a manifest contains.

  • modes - the tool works in different modes which reflects a typical workflow for a officer/engineer working with license compliance

    • filter - this mode lets you define what files are distributed bu using include/exclude. While in filter mode you can also hide files from output using the hide commands

    • validate - in this step you can verify that all information is present and the conclusion is OK before creating a report. From this point now hide options are allowed.

    • create - in this step you create the manifest-


Creates package manifest from a Scancode report







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