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  1. fauxmoESP fauxmoESP Public

    Add voice control of your ESP32 and ESP8266 devices using Amazon Alexa

    C++ 344 66

  2. ESP32-Zip ESP32-Zip Public

    ESP32 Development Module compatible with Pi Zero cases (hardware)

    HTML 9 3

  3. I2C-PWM-Driver I2C-PWM-Driver Public

    I2C 16 Channel MOSFET PWM LED Driver (Hardware)


  4. USB-UART-MicroUSB USB-UART-MicroUSB Public

    USB Serial UART with MicroUSB connector and RTS/DTR included in breakout (Hardware)

    4 1

  5. ESP32-PWM-Driver-Devkit ESP32-PWM-Driver-Devkit Public

    ESP WROOM-32 DevKit with 8 2A PWM Drivers (5-15V)

    3 2

  6. BananaPiano BananaPiano Public

    Use an ESP32 and some bananas to make a piano!

    C++ 3


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