Vipps API for Payment Service Providers, version 2
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Vipps Netthandel (eCommerce) via PSP offers functionality for payments on websites and apps (P2M). Vipps Netthandel offer merchants functionality to provide a solution where the end user only enters her Norwegian mobile number to retrieve a payment request in Vipps app.

In the Vipps app the end user selects a payment source to complete the payment request. Vipps initiates the payment transaction on the selected source and provide feedback to the PSP of the payment card selected.

The PSP processes the payment transaction and provides feedback to merchant and Vipps of the payment transaction success or failure.

API version: 2
Document version 1.0.0
API documentation:

Differences from PSP API version 1

  • Added support for redirection of user after payment completion in Vipps app
  • Added support for providing the makePayment-URL in the initiate payment call
  • Improved authorization of the makePayment call by adding the authorization header value
  • Improved and more consistent parameter names in the API

PSP payment sequence

PSP API sequence diagram

Initiate payment

Payment request is initiated by PSP to Vipps API after end user has request to pay with Vipps. Vipps creates the payment and returns a link to Vipps landing page where end user can confirm the mobile number. Once user has confirmed number the payment can be considered initiated.

Payment confirmation

After payment initiation, Vipps sends push notification or redirects user to Vipps app. End user verifies the Vipps profil by logging in to Vipps app. In Vipps app the end user can select payment source and confirm the amount.


Once the end user has confirmed the payment, Vipps shares the encrypted card details with the PSP to the makePaymentUrl. PSP tries to process the payment through the acquirer and responds to the makePayment-call with the payment request status. End user receives confirmation in Vipps app. Vipps redirects the end user to the redirectUrl provided during payment initiation.

Example request:

Authorization: makePaymentToken
  "pspTransactionId": "7686f7788898767977",
  "merchantSerialNumber": "123456",
  "cardData": "f0a29801b4#d4ff30e221fa2980ff30e2",
  "confirmed": "YES/TIMEOUT/CANCEL"

Example response:

  "errorMessage": {
    "errorId": 82,
    "errorText": "Refused by Issuer"
  "paymentInfo": {
    "pspTransactionId": "7686f7788898767977",
    "status": "FAIL"

Error codes

errorId errorText
71 Invalid request
72 Different texts
81 No such issuer
82 Refused by Issuer
83 Suspected fraud
84 Exceeds withdrawal amount limit
85 Response received to late
86 Expired card
87 Invalid card number (no such number)
88 Merchant does not allow credit cards
89 Not sufficient funds
91 Internal error
92 Unable to decrypt

Status Updates

To provide a consistent end user experience it is important that Vipps is notified by changes to the payment status when it is captured, cancelled or refunded. Vipps also provides an endpoint to check the payment status.

HTTP responses

This API returns the following HTTP statuses in the responses:

HTTP status Description
200 OK Request successful
400 Bad Request Invalid request, see the error for details
401 Unauthorized Invalid credentials
403 Forbidden Authentication ok, but credentials lacks authorization
404 Not Found The resource was not found
500 Server Error An internal Vipps problem.

Error codes

errorCode errorMessage
21 Merchant not available or active
42 Invalid payment model type
51 Invalid request
99 PSP Transaction id already exists in Vipps
51 Invalid pspRedirectUrl
99 OrderId already exists
currency transaction.currency.invalid
makePaymentUrl Invalid makePaymentUrl


We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Please create an issues, a pull requests, or contact us at