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YATE stands for Yet Another Telephony Engine. Official yate site is I made several adaptations of this great project, most notably, I made debian packages for my local use.

GIT Repository

This repository intended to provide git mirror of yate repository and to share my additions with community.

Available branches:


This is a mirror of YATE SVN trunk. It is updated from every 20 minutes from 09 till 23 hours, 01:11, 03:11 and 06:11 (MSK).


This is (almost) unmodified yate with my debian packaging information appended. NOTE: Due to the absence of required debian packages, packaged version is somehow limited:

  • No wanpipe support
  • No tdmcard support
  • No iLBC nor AMR codecs

Also, alsachan and jabberclient modules are moved from modules/client into modules and resides in libyate package, not in yate-qt4 (as someone might expect). It is sometimes very handy to have these on server too.

Branch deb is automatically updated evey night at 02:19 (MSK). Logs can be found here:

Nightly builds for debian stable, testing and unstable is available in Our Debian Repository.


This is my own working branch. Here is differences list.

Important: If you are using this branch and have some issues, please make sure that cause is not in my changes before bothering original authors. Feel free to contact me (see contact info at the bottom of this page).

Yate configurtion, required to connect to the Multifon ( and external module to send SMS can be found here

My attempts to add WebRTC support is also available. Read here.

About myself

I am not a native english speaker, so there should be a bunch of mistakes.

You can reach me via email or jabber vir (a) Also, join #yate at FreeNode, my nick is virrus.

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