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VirtacoinPlus is a hybrid PoW/PoS cryptocurrency.


9,000,000 Virtacoinplus was premined and used to swap Virtacoin (VTA) for Virtacoinplus (XVP) at a 1:1000 ratio. Great care was taken to make sure no single person would own more than 1% of initial XVP distribution.







  • RPC Port: 3707
  • P2P Port: 6032


  • RPC Port: 15783
  • P2P Port: 10506


Updated after 1,000,000 XVP was mined

  • Short: XVP
  • Total coin: 100 Million coin cap.
  • X11 hashing algorithm
  • 60 second block time target
  • Difficulty retargets every 15 blocks
  • POW reward 2.7 coins per Block, reduces by 0.2 coins each 525600 blocks starting 23/03/2017
  • Stake Interest: 7% annually
  • Minimum Stake Age, 24 hours, One Year Max age


VirtacoinPlus is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

Development process

Developers work in their own trees, then submit pull requests when they think their feature or bug fix is ready.

If it is a simple/trivial/non-controversial change, then one of the VirtacoinPlus development team members simply pulls it.

If it is a more complicated or potentially controversial change, then the patch submitter will be asked to start a discussion (if they haven't already).

The patch will be accepted if there is broad consensus that it is a good thing. Developers should expect to rework and resubmit patches if the code doesn't match the project's coding conventions or are controversial.

The master branch is regularly built and tested, but is not guaranteed to be completely stable. Tags are created regularly to indicate new official, stable release versions of VirtacoinPlus.


Testing and code review is the bottleneck for development; we get more pull requests than we can review and test on short notice. Please be patient and help out by testing other people's pull requests, and remember this is a security-critical project where any mistake might cost people lots of money.