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Demo Digital Signage System intended to be used with Visionect's E-Paper platform for quick-start. Based in Go and Javascript, built cross platform for Win, OSX and Linux. By:
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  1. Download latest binary for your platform from GitHub releases

  2. Run it from Terminal or Command Prompt

    Optionally you can run it with -h flag to see what can be configured.

  3. Set Application URL for device in Visionect Server to http://<server_address>:<server_port>/screen (default port is 4000)

  4. You can use http://<server_address>:<server_port>/screen?x=<offset_x>&y=<offset_y> to display only a part of the screen. This enables you to tile multiple displays together and designate one to display a certain part of the image. The parameters disable the automatic image scaling.



The whole backend is written in digitalsignage.go. It contains RESTful(ish) API for uploading, removing and selecting images. It also contains a template view that will display the current image.

We use bindata to package static files in the binary. For faster development you should use make debug that will only link files and not embed them in the binary (so you don't need to recompile every time you change files in static folder).


Front end is done with Polymer. Everything custom is in files static/index.html and static/elements/visionect-images.html.

The page that is used for displaying the content is done in static/screen.html.

Making a release

make -j4 release will generate 3 binaries with in release folder for linux, OS X and Windows.

If you have upx installed you can use make -j4 compress which will make much smaller binaries.

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