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When running tests with --serial parameter -> causes error because assert object is NULL.

Also i've found 2nd bug with --serial execution.
In case test is not calling 'beforeExit' -> test would always fail with "test timed out" error. I haven't fixed that yet, but wrote comment.


tj commented Nov 24, 2013

might want to check out mocha this lib is just sticking around for historical reasons but it was a quick hack

Hehe. Yeah, i saw that comment. Ok, i will check Mocha. I kind of like expresso, it is so easy to use... Can you merge my pull-request?

bithavoc commented May 5, 2014



tj commented May 5, 2014

mocha is equally easy to use, this lib is deprecated

tj closed this May 5, 2014

bithavoc commented May 5, 2014

@visionmedia if the library is deprecated, we should add this to

In fact, I'm actually using mocha and just googled assert.isDefined and expresso came up first, would you consider adding these additional assertions to mocha?

The code is right here:

I can send a pull request to mocha.


tj commented May 5, 2014

it says to use mocha in the readme. Nah there's a lot of different libs that can be used with mocha for assertions, assert(null != foo) from core's assert lib works for that though

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