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mdp - A command-line based markdown presentation tool.


How to get started:

mdp needs the ncursesw headers to compile. So make sure you have them installed:

  • on Raspbian (Raspberry Pi) you need libncurses5-dev and libncursesw5-dev

Now download and install mdp:

$ git clone
$ cd mdp
$ make
$ make install
$ mdp
  • On Arch Linux, you can use the existing package.
  • on Cygwin you can use the existing package from the setup program.
  • On Debian, you can use the existing DEB package, or run apt-get install mdp.
  • On FreeBSD, you can use the port misc/mdp.
  • On MacOS, use either the Homebrew Formula by running brew install mdp or install with MacPorts with sudo port install mdp.
  • On Slackware, grab the SlackBuild here: (, or run sbopkg -i mdp.
  • On Ubuntu, you can use the existing DEB package, or run apt-get install mdp.

Most terminals support 256 colors only if the TERM variable is set correctly. To enjoy mdp's color fading feature:

$ export TERM=xterm-256color

How to use it:

Horizontal rulers are used as slide separator.

Supports basic markdown formating:

  • line wide markup

    • headlines
    • code
    • quotes
    • unordered list
  • in-line markup

    • bold text
    • underlined text
    • code

Supports headers prefixed by @ symbol.

  • first two header lines are displayed as title and author in top and bottom bar

Review for more details.


  • h, j, k, l, Arrow keys, Space, Enter, Backspace, Page Up, Page Down - next/previous slide
  • Home, g - go to first slide
  • End, G - go to last slide
  • 1-9 - go to slide n
  • r - reload input file
  • q - exit

How to debug it:

To make a debug version of mdp, just type:

$ make DEBUG=1