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Code from artist residency with Matthew Gallagher and Marcia Custer at their studio Research & Development in downtown Cleveland Ohio.



Coming from a more recent self-taught background in electronics and programming, mainly purposed for crafting audio software and instruments, and a formal background in percussion and ceramic art, I have recently sought the assistance of an academic setting to help further my understanding of electronics, and computation with a focus on computer vision, and predictive data-modeling. The focus of my work could “loosely” be defined as an exploration of primal, less-recognized human emotions and experiences, through disorienting audio and visual content. I take influence from a fast paced culture, bustling urban spaces, and the impact of abrupt personal connections during daily commuting. I hope to spend my time at R&D over the dates May 14th – May 17th 2018, generating and recording audio and visual content using a modular synthesizer, field recorder, and miscellaneous electronics while implementing concepts pertaining to my academic field of study. Specific processes I hope to implement during this residency are: field-recording, sound design, DSP-scripting, livecoding, and 3D graphic design. In addition to the aforementioned inspiration, I hope to also make a deep connection with the space provided, experiences of surrounding city life, and my loving hosts.

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Recordings From R&D


Tidal code from artist residency with Matthew Gallagher and Marcia Custer at Their studio, Research & Development



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