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Minifies PostgreSQL scripts.
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Minifies PostgreSQL scripts, reducing the IO usage.

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  • Removes /*multi-line*/ (including nested) and --single-line comments
  • Preserves special/copyright multi-line comments that start with /*!
  • Concatenates multi-line strings into a single line with \n
  • Fixes multi-line text, prefixing it with E where needed
  • Removes redundant line gaps: line breaks, tabs and spaces
  • Provides basic parsing and error detection for invalid SQL
  • Flattens the resulting script into a single line
  • Optionally, compresses SQL for minimum space


$ npm install pg-minify


const minify = require('pg-minify');

const sql = 'SELECT 1; -- comments';

minify(sql); //=> SELECT 1;

with compression (removes all unnecessary spaces):

const sql = 'SELECT * FROM "table" WHERE col = 123; -- comments';

minify(sql, {compress: true});
//=> SELECT*FROM"table"WHERE col=123;

The library's distribution includes TypeScript declarations.

Error Handling

SQLParsingError is thrown on failed SQL parsing:

try {
    minify('SELECT \'1');
} catch (error) {
    // error is minify.SQLParsingError instance
    // error.message:
    // Error parsing SQL at {line:1,col:8}: Unclosed text block.


minify(sql, [options]) ⇒ String

Minifies SQL into a single line, according to the options.

options.compress ⇒ Boolean

Compresses / uglifies the SQL to its bare minimum, by removing all unnecessary spaces.

  • false (default) - keeps minimum spaces, for easier read
  • true - removes all unnecessary spaces

See also: SQL Compression.

options.removeAll ⇒ Boolean

Removes everything, i.e. special/copyright multi-line comments that start with /*! will be removed as well.


First, clone the repository and install DEV dependencies.

$ npm test

Testing with coverage:

$ npm run coverage


Copyright © 2019 Vitaly Tomilov; Released under the MIT license.

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