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feat: base without trailing slash #10723

merged 22 commits into from
Nov 12, 2022


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@BenediktAllendorf BenediktAllendorf commented Oct 30, 2022


Allows setting a base without trailing slash. Closes #9236. Closes #8770. Closes #8772

I assumed, that base = "/foo/" and base = "/foo" should work equally for all sub-urls and only differ in the behavior when calling only the base (e.g., "localhost/foo" vs "localhost/foo/"). This means, that even without the trailing slash, all generated paths look like localhost/foo/css/... and not like localhost/foocss/....

Additional context

I used playground/assets for testing and reused that code (already available with /foo/ as base). There is already some duplicated code between relative-base and runtime-base, which probably could be combined altogether (?).

Not all tests are successful yet:

  • pnpm run test-build assets leads to AssertionError: expected '/non-existent' to include '/foo/non-existent'. The problem is, that the path is not available and therefore, will be resolved at runtime - but this basically means, URL("non-existent", "/foo") will be called (instead of URL("non-existent", "/foo/") as it would do with a trailing-slash-base. I'm not sure, what the expected/desired behavior here would be?
  • pnpm run test-serve assets
    • AssertionError: expected 'url("http://localhost:5173/foo/@fs/ho…' to include '/foo/nested/asset.png' and AssertionError: expected 'http://localhost:5173/foo/@fs/home/be…' to include '/foo/nested/asset.png' are both related to "@fs"-imports
    • AssertionError: expected 'url("http://localhost:5173/nested/ass…' to include '/foo/nested/asset.png' reveals a problem with inline-CSS.

For test-serve, I'm not sure where those problems occur (and why I don't see that neither with pnpm run dev nor pnpm run build/preview).

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@benmccann benmccann added this to the 4.0 milestone Oct 31, 2022
@benmccann benmccann added the p3-downstream-blocker Blocking the downstream ecosystem to work properly (priority) label Oct 31, 2022
BenediktAllendorf and others added 2 commits November 3, 2022 17:34
Co-authored-by: Ben McCann <>
Co-authored-by: Ben McCann <>
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bluwy commented Nov 4, 2022

We have discussed this in the last team meeting and agree that /base should allow accessing from localhost:4173/base and /base/ would be localhost:4173/base/ like the current behaviour.

An implementation detail we want to make sure is that the ResolvedConfig should still append a / if /base (but no warning), to preserve compatibility with plugins that uses the base in ResolvedConfig. To differentiate between if the user specified a trailing / or not, we can have a separate internal property in ResolvedConfig to track it, as this information is only needed by the server.

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@BenediktAllendorf I finally figured out that most of the failing tests were not because of any code changes, but the test themselves. Once you put the test in a sub-directory they no longer pass. I changed the test setup to put the new tests alongside the old tests

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Hmm, the way I setup the tests seemed to cause them to collide with each other. I just removed them and instead edited the base path on the existing tests to not have a trailing slash. Since there are so many other tests that have a base path with trailing slash we should still have good coverage

benmccann previously approved these changes Nov 12, 2022
@@ -323,6 +323,7 @@ export type ResolvedConfig = Readonly<
inlineConfig: InlineConfig
root: string
base: string
rawBase: string
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Let's mark rawBase as internal. I would prefer to have this option as you did here, but there was a push in the last team meeting to go there only when there is a real use case out of the Vite core middleware.

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/ecosystem-ci run

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vite-ecosystem-ci bot commented Nov 12, 2022

📝 Ran ecosystem CI: Open

suite result
astro ✅ success
histoire ❌ failure
iles ❌ failure
ladle ✅ success
laravel ✅ success
marko ✅ success
nuxt-framework ❌ failure
rakkas ✅ success
svelte ❌ failure
vite-plugin-ssr ❌ failure
vite-setup-catalogue ✅ success
vitepress ✅ success
vitest ✅ success
windicss ✅ success

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vite-ecosystem-ci looks the same as before this PR, except for Svelte @benmccann but I expect that you are aware or ok with this to move forward.

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Thanks for the review @patak-dev ! I marked the new field as internal. The svelte failure is unrelated and looks to be a network flake during CI setup, so I'm not worried about that one

patak-dev previously approved these changes Nov 12, 2022
@patak-dev patak-dev enabled auto-merge (squash) November 12, 2022 20:06
@patak-dev patak-dev merged commit 8f87282 into vitejs:main Nov 12, 2022
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rssfrncs commented Jan 9, 2023

Hi is this released?

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@rssfrncs yes, in Vite v4+

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p3-downstream-blocker Blocking the downstream ecosystem to work properly (priority)
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Ability to serve base page without trailing slash serve: with base: '/docs/', should /docs work as /docs/?
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