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vitrivr is an open source full-stack content-based multimedia retrieval system with a focus on video


  1. cottontaildb cottontaildb Public

    Cottontail DB is a column store vector database aimed at multimedia retrieval. It allows for classical boolean as well as vector-space retrieval (nearest neighbour search) used in similarity search…

    Kotlin 38 20

  2. cineast cineast Public

    Cineast is a multi-feature content-based mulitmedia retrieval engine. It is capable of retrieving images, audio- and video sequences as well as 3d models based on edge or color sketches, textual de…

    Java 56 50

  3. vitrivr-ng vitrivr-ng Public

    vitrivr NG is a web-based user interface for searching and browsing mixed multimedia collections. It uses cineast as a backend

    TypeScript 16 24

  4. vitrivr-vr vitrivr-vr Public

    vitrivr-VR is a virtual reality interface for the vitrivr multimedia retrieval system.

    C# 8 4


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