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Tries for efficient automatic word completion in Python, C++, Ruby & Java.
Scala Go Ruby Java Python C++
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Autocomplete with Trie

Tries for efficient automatic word completion in several languages.


  • C++ - Vivek Narayanan (@vivekn)
  • Go - Martijn van Maasakkers (@mvmaasakkers)
  • Java - Marcus McCurdy (@volker48)
  • Python - Vivek Narayanan (@vivekn)
  • Ruby - Colin Dean (@colindean)

Want to add an implementation? Submit a pull request! Please also submit tests and preferably a benchmark, too.

How to Use

See the tests or the benchmarks for examples, but the general gist is something like this, in Ruby notation:

trie =
array_of_words_that_begin_with = trie.autocomplete("wo")

License - BSD

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