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Welcome to the i3blocks project!

i3blocks is a highly flexible status line for the i3 window manager. It handles clicks, signals and language-agnostic user scripts.

The content of each block (e.g. time, battery status, network state, ...) is the output of a command provided by the user. Blocks are updated on click, at a given interval of time or on a given signal, also specified by the user.

It aims to respect the i3bar protocol, providing customization such as text alignment, urgency, color, and more.

This wiki is a resource to help you become familiar with running blocklets and writing your own. What is a blocklet? You should begin your journey by reading the project FAQ.

Not sure what is possible? Take a look at the many community contributed User Configs. Here you will find configs to pull from and screenshots to help inspire you.

Find the core scripts that come with i3blocks are lacking? You have two options. The first is to check out the i3blocks sister project, i3blocks-contrib. This is a community curated repository of blocklets created by members of the i3blocks community. If you fancy writing your own, you should check out the wiki page on Writing Your Own Blocklet.

If you're upgrading from a previous version, the Migration Guide is the place to check. Although we all do our best to prevent breaking configs in an upgrade, it may happen. The more important reason to visit this is if you have any custom blocklets. It is very possible we broke something for you, but on the bright side, you may have some new features available to you in the new version.

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