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Vivisect / Vdb / Vtrace

Now all as one project! ( made sense once vivisect went public ) For more in-depth docs on various topics, see the wiki at


As in previous vdb releases, the command python vdbbin from the checkout directory will drop you into a debugger prompt on supported platforms. ( Windows / Linux / FreeBSD / OSX... kinda? )

Commands in vdb grow/refine quickly, so use in-line help such as:

vdb> help


vdb> help writemem

to show available commands and options. Additionally, for basic vdb use, the wiki at


Fairly un-documented static analysis / emulation / symbolik analysis framework for PE/Elf/Mach-O/Blob binary formats on various architectures. To start with, you probably want to run a "bulk analysis" pass on a binary using:

python vivbin -B

which will leave you with .viv

Then run:

python vivbin .viv

to open the GUI and begin reverse engineering. As with most vtoys, the ui relies fairly heavily on right-click context menus and various memory views.

For the binary ninjas, all APIs used during automatic analysis ( and several that aren't ) are directly accessible for use writing your own custom research tools... The interface should be nearly the same when dealing with a real process ( via vdb/vtrace ) and dealing with an emulator / viv workspace.

Build Status

Build Status