vkBeautify is a small, simple and powerfull javascript plugin to beautify XML, JSON, CSS and SQL text.
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javascript plugin to pretty-print or minify text in XML, JSON, CSS and SQL formats.

Version - 0.98.00.beta

Copyright (c) 2012 Vadim Kiryukhin ( vkiryukhin @ gmail.com )

Home page: http://www.eslinstructor.net/vkbeautify/

License: MIT


Pretty print

    vkbeautify.xml(text [,indent_pattern]);
    vkbeautify.json(text [,indent_pattern]);
    vkbeautify.css(text [,indent_pattern]);
    vkbeautify.sql(text [,indent_pattern]);

    @text - String; text to beatufy;
    @indent_pattern - Integer | String;
            Integer:  number of white spaces;
            String:   character string to visualize indentation ( can also be a set of white spaces )


    vkbeautify.xmlmin(text [,preserve_comments]);
    vkbeautify.cssmin(text [,preserve_comments]);

    @text - String; text to minify;
    @preserve_comments - Bool; [optional];
            Set this flag to true to prevent removing comments from @text ( minxml and mincss functions only. )


    vkbeautify.xml(text); // pretty print XML
    vkbeautify.json(text, 4 ); // pretty print JSON
    vkbeautify.css(text, '. . . .'); // pretty print CSS
    vkbeautify.sql(text, '----'); // pretty print SQL

    vkbeautify.xmlmin(text, true);// minify XML, preserve comments
    vkbeautify.jsonmin(text);// minify JSON
    vkbeautify.cssmin(text);// minify CSS, remove comments ( default )
    vkbeautify.sqlmin(text);// minify SQL