CRX Extractor downloads and extracts Chrome Extensions and its source code
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CRX Extractor

CRX Extractor is an online tool helping people understand internals of any Chrome Extension published at Chrome WebStore. CRX Extractor can download .CRX file, get the source code from .CRX file and save .CRX Chrome Extension. Try it yourself at

How it works?

.crx file format is documented in Google official documentation. This website has a bunch of Javascript that deals with parsing the original .crx file format: it is extracting the archived part of the file, unzip it and serve. It works completely in browser, without any server-side. That approach has its own benefits and drawbacks.


I created this tool, when I was trying to restore the source code of my own Chrome Extension, that I've published on Chrome WebStore. Unfortunately, some options were available, but all of them use server-side and tons of ads here and there. I tried to change this. When I looked further into .crx extensions, I found some interesting concerns related to security and privacy.

Where to learn more?

At the CRX Extractor website there are a lot of information about .crx files and the project in general. Just go and try.

How can I help to the project?

Add issue if you want any additional features. I plan to implement some kind of inspection of the Chrome Extension, that will allow to analyze source code for possible fishing and other leaches.

Donate BTC: 1CrxExtJnRSLRf4rTBoWM65RC1LC3QaCtS