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@vladimiry vladimiry released this Dec 25, 2018 · 230 commits to master since this release

Version Two

This is a second major release which enables several new features and a lot of enhancements aimed to improve desktop users experience. Those are enhancements that you can't get if using just web browser.

Local messages store

With this feature enabled the app gets the database view mode with the following capabilities:

  • View the emails in offline mode via the basic built-in database explorer UI.
  • Export all the emails to EML files in a single mouse click. Attachments content is ignored.
  • Switch between the conversation and plain messages list view mode, defaults to conversation. This will be a new experience for the Tutanota users as the official web client doesn't yet support the conversation view mode.
  • See mail count on each folder (common and unread counters).

There is no need to manually maintain the up to date state of your local messages store, the app does it automatically and reactively. So this feature can be treated as a dynamic incremental backup. Attachments ignored.

Stored data is encrypted, some implementation details described here.

There is no built-in search feature implemented yet for database view mode. At this time you can export the messages to EML files, then import them to any email client and do the search there.

Built-in Web Client

This release also enables the option to use a built-in/prepackaged web client instead of loading the online page. The built-in web clients are built from source code, see respective official ProtonMail and Tutanota repositories. See original issue for details. Online web clients support has been dropped except Beta and Tor/.onion ProtonMail's entry points. So the app has got the following capabilities with built-in web clients feature enabling:

  • Enhanced code integrity. See @kaepora 's An Analysis of the ProtonMail Cryptographic Architecture paper for details.
  • No need to load megabytes of web stuff from the internet to start. In this mode app basically executes the API remote requests only since all the static web resources are prepackaged with the app.
  • The app is considered to be more stable in case of built-in web client used since it doesn't depend on the online web client being independently updated and deployed by ProtonMail / Tutanota dev teams. See here and here examples of how the email provier's breaking changes happened before affected the app.

See how to make the app use built-in web client:


See how to export the emails:


See how to enable the local messages store feature:

local messages cache

Breaking changes:

  • KeePass integration got dropped (#51, ac6d488).
  • Online web clients support has been dropped except Beta and Tor/.onion ProtonMail's entry points (#80, c5b7b95).

You can learn more about the v2 changes and local store feature going through the following points:

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