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Makes web screenshots and mobile emulations from the command line.

Tool based on puppeteer.


npm i -g screenshoteer

You can use screenshoteer like this:

screenshoteer  --url

or .html localy copy the url path from the browser

screenshoteer --url file:///Users/../index.html
screenshoteer --url file:///C:/Users/../Random-HTML-file.html

And with the help of puppeteer(Headless Chrome) it will generate screenshot of the entire web page.


-h help
--url web page url
--emulate - emulate web device example: --emulate "iPhone 6"
--fullpage - can be true or false. It will take screenshot of entire web page if is true. True is the default parameter.
--pdf - generate additional pdf
--w - width of the Web Page in px
--h - height of the Web Page in px
--waitfor - wait time for the page load in milliseconds
--waitforselector - wait for the selector to appear in page --el - css selector document.querySelector
--auth - basic http authentication
--no - exclude "image", "stylesheet", "script", "font"
--click - example: ".selector>a" excellent way to close popups or to click some buttons on the page.
--file - output file name (optional, otherwise based on page title and timestamp)
--theme - switch to dark or light color theme
--vd - Emulate vision deficiency 'achromatopsia', 'deuteranopia', 'protanopia', 'tritanopia', 'blurredVision', and 'none'


screenshoteer  --url --fullpage false

screenshoteer  --url --emulate "iPhone 7"

screenshoteer  --url  --emulate "Nexus 4"

screenshoteer --url --w 600 --h 800 --fullpage false

screenshoteer --url --w 600 --h 0 --fullpage false

screenshoteer --url --pdf

screenshoteer --url --w 500

screenshoteer --url --el ".fatitem"

screenshoteer --url --auth "username;password"

screenshoteer --url --no "image"

screenshoteer --url --no "script"

screenshoteer --url --click ".ribbon__close-button"

screenshoteer --url file:///Users/../index.html

screenshoteer --url --file /tmp/slashdot.png

screenshoteer --url --theme dark

screenshoteer --url --vd blurredVision

List of of supported mobile devices:


This project is licensed under the MIT License