Set environment variables for your environment and Node.js OpsWorks project
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Set environment variables for your environment and Node.js OpsWorks project.

You can do 2 things:

  • Sets environment variables for machine
    • To make it work specify your variables, enable Custom Chef Recipes and include "environment_variables::configure" recipe to the "configure" section of your application layer
  • Sets environment variables for Node.js process
    • Same as above, but no need to include custom recipe's; Default OpsWorks monitrc file will be overwritten and environment variables will be passed to Node.js process

To set environment variables specify custom Chef JSON with required key/value pairs.


  "environment_variables": {
    "NODE_ENV": "production"
  "deploy": { 
    "app_name": {
      "environment_variables": {
        "NODE_ENV": "production",
        "ENV_1": "value_of_env_1",
        "ENV_2": "value_of_env_2"

In JSON above first "environment_variables" sets environment variables for machine (user root). The section "environment_variables" under "deploy" specifying environment variables for Node.js process which will be hit with "monit restart app_name".


The utility to run backup on the certain interval. Currently supports MongoDB only. Data is being written from one database to another. Example scenario: data from production database is copied to development database every week.

Database options are set through environment variables. Available options:

  • BACKUP_TMP_PATH - the temporary location on the disk where backup will be performed
  • BACKUP_SRC_DB_NAME - the name of the source database
  • BACKUP_DST_DB_NAME - the name of the source database
  • BACKUP_COLLECTIONS - space separated list of collections to backupo
  • BACKUP_SRC_HOST - connection string for MongoDB SOURCE host
  • BACKUP_DST_HOST - connection string for MongoDB DESTINATION host

Schedule is set through custom JSON:

  • BACKUP_SCHEDULE_HOUR - which our to run the tool
  • BACKUP_SCHEDULE_MINUTE - which minute to run the tool
  • BACKUP_SCHEDULE_WEEKDAY - which day of the week to run the tool Default is: run backup every saturday at 1AM

Custom Chef cookbook JSON example:

    "data_backup": {
        "BACKUP_SCHEDULE_HOUR": "16",
    "environment_variables": {
        "BACKUP_TMP_PATH": "/tmp/dump",
        "BACKUP_SRC_DB_NAME": "my_mega_database",
        "BACKUP_DST_DB_NAME": "my_dev_database",
        "BACKUP_COLLECTIONS": "users shops streets",
        "BACKUP_SRC_HOST": "mongodb://my_super_production_database",
        "BACKUP_DST_HOST": "mongodb://my_not_as_super_development_database"