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@medvednikov medvednikov released this Sep 13, 2019 · 793 commits to master since this release

  • Lots of refactoring, simplifications, and optimizations in the compiler.
  • Experimental memory management at compilation (only for the V compiler itself for now).
  • Lots of ORM fixes.
  • Functions can now be inlined via the [inline] attribute.
  • New mysql module.
  • Better error format that is supported by all major editors (go to error).
  • Error messages now point to the actual place where the error happened.
  • Custom json field names: struct User { last_name string [json:lastName] }.
  • Raw json fields via the [raw] attribute.
  • All C code was removed from the freetype module.
  • gg module can now render all Unicode characters.
  • [typedef] attribute for imported C struct typedefs.
  • Support of Objective C interfaces (primarily for using Cocoa).
  • REPL: clear command and custom functions.
  • REPL tests (which are also used for testing certain compiler errors).
  • Syntax bug fixed: foo[0] += 10 is now possible.
  • http: support plain HTTP protocol and follow redirects.
  • http: header data is now processed correctly.
  • net: basic UDP support.
  • import const was removed from the language.
  • array.contains() was removed from the language (in should be used instead).
  • [0; len] syntax was removed (replaced with a simpler [0].repeat(len))
  • Primitive aliases were removed to simplify the language.
  • GitHub supports V now!
  • Backtraces are now printed on panics.
  • A new awesome readline module.
  • V.c is now regenerated automatically after every commit.
  • A bug with struct ordering was fixed, now structs can be declared in any order.
  • V modules can now be built with v build module.
  • @FILE, @LINE, @FN, @COLUMN for debugging.
  • JavaScript backend!
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