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Technical Interview Prep Resources

Resources to prepare for technical interviews.


Site What do I do with this?
Tech Interview Handbook
Ask HN: How to prepare for technical interviews? Read the discussion.
CodeFights Practise for technical interviews
CodeSignal Real interview questions from companies.
FullStack Café Practise for full stack technical interviews
Glassdoor Read reviews of companies, look for interview questions, content, and tips
Interview Cake Practise for technical interviews
Javascript quiz, ES6 edition For fun. "[..] another set of mind-bending snippets no sensible developer would ever use in their code"
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani JavaScript design patterns, including MV*, jQuery, etc.
LeetCode Practise for technical interviews
Pramp Interview practise tool.
The Algorithm Design Manual, 2nd Edition by Steven Skiena Practise for technical interviews

Contribution guide

Contributions via PRs and Issues welcome.

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