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Component which connect mule esb and an elastic search cluster
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It's a simple component using the Jest client which allow you to connect mule esb and an elastic search cluster. To use it , you just have to add jar got with a mvn package command and add it to the classpath of your mule


Update 0.2

This component is no more base on Jest. The native Java api is quicker than the rest client. Maybe , I missed something but i changed my mind and i prefer now directly use it.

pre-requisites Java 1.6

| Mule Elastic Search Plugin | ElasticSearch       |
| master                     | 0.19.11 -> master   |
| 0.2                        | 0.19.11 -> master   |
| 0.1                        | 0.19.11 -> master   |

How to use it

In a mule flow application, you can use the ElasticSearchConnector class with the following instruction :

   <component doc:name="Elastic Search Connector">
      <singleton-object class="org.mule.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchConnector"  >
         <property key="clusterPort" value="${mule.cluster.port}"/>
         <property key="clusterHost" value="${}"/> 
         <property key="indexName" value="${mule.indexName.value}"/>
         <property key="indexType" value="${mule.indexType.value}"/>

In your, you'll have to define the following properties:

|                           |
|mule.cluster.port=9300                                |
|mule.indexName.value=indexName                        |
|mule.indexType.value=indexType                        |

Supported operation

  • For the moment this component wait for a json document to index it in the index specified in the property file.
  • It can also creates an index and a type with an array of two specified values.
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