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Command-line tool to rename modules in Haskell projects
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hask-replace is a command-line tool for renaming Haskell, Elm, PureScript, and Idris modules.

The Pitch

Here's an example of how you would use hr:

cabal unpack dhall
cd dhall-1.5.1/
hr module . "Dhall.Import" "Dhall.Dependencies"
cabal new-build

As you can see, it's a lot less painful than whatever witchcraft you'd have to resort to to accomplish the same thing in bash.

The Anti-Pitch

hr doesn't attempt to be a full parser for cabal, idris, elm, etc. While hr promises to always transform valid projects into valid projects, it won't necessarily point out errors in your project.



The easiest way to install for most users is probably via a shell script, viz.

curl -LSfs | sh -s -- --git vmchale/hask-replace

Binary releases

If the script doesn't work, you can also download prebuilt binaries. You can find binaries for various platforms on the release page.


First, install cargo. Then:

 $ cargo install --git

You will need to use the nightly release for this to work; if in doubt run

 $ rustup run nightly cargo install --git


Package Task Time
dhall Rename Module 7.185 ms
lens Rename Module 9.671 ms


Example use:

git clone
cd idris-lens
hr idris . Control.Lens.Maths Control.Lens.Math
idris --build lens.ipkg

Vim Plugin

There is a vim plugin for hask-replace here. It supports copying and moving Haskell, Elm, and Idris modules.

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