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Tito is a sample multi tiers application used to showcase the various ways of deploying and running an app across multiple technologies such as VMware vRealize Automation, virtual machines, containers, Kubernetes, public cloud, PaaS, etc... etc... etc...

Tito is a super simple application:

  • to make it easy to understand the code (and therefore modify it)
  • developped with widely supported languages/framework (PHP, Bootstrap)
  • Running on a typical 3 Tiers architecture

What does the app do when running?

I thought most people are commuting pretty much everyday so I wrote a "Time Traffic Overview" app a.k.a Tito. Simply enter your home address, work address and regular time departure and it will give you a number of stats such as the duration for each day of the week, the total duration, per week, per month, etc... Beware, some of them are scary. Have you ever calculated the amount of time in your life you will spend commuting? Here we go...

My image

App files structure

Tito is made of a simple index.php webpage providing the initial content, once the user has clicked on submit, form_result.php is triggered and will turn the inputs in the right format, ask Google on the duration, create some stats, display them, display a map, write the inputs in a DB. That's it! The folder "Deployment" contain the various Infra as a code files to deploy the app. The other folder are just css files, picture files and other stuff.

App architecture

tito is a 3 Tier architecture. This vRealize Automation blueprint does a good job at showing the full application architecture My image

For more information